A Fistful of Scans

Well maybe not a fistful, but these select images I scanned today while uploading some photos for print.
My Dad had hand written on the slide the following comments in the black bordered area. This is the Landing Safety Officer (LSO) who guided the aircraft in to land on the carrier. He is showing "high" for the pilot of the approaching aircraft.

This image has always been one of my personal favorites. It was taken on the fantail of CVE 115 USS Bairoko. These are the 40mm anti-aircraft guns. By the time of the jet age, these were ineffective and removed from most ships after the Korean War.

This slide was in a different slide carrier and my be my Father landing this TBM 3E Avenger. What a beautiful looking aircraft in 1951.

 Detroit 1952 and the railroad ferry yards. Near the right side of where the Ambassador Bridge comes on shore, the Fort Street Roundhouse can barely be seen. Note the railroad ferries docked along the shoreline.

It is highly likely I may create a blog or webpage for my Dad's Korean War images. Book in the works too.

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