Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Last Morning Intact

Let the removal begin. Need I say more. A week before I shot the picture of the No Tresspassing sign. with the sunrise in the background. The shot below shows what happend the following week. The sign is now in my hands (with permission) and will be restored to its original 1949 color and lettering. Then it will be donated to the PH&D Museum for the public to see. It was that or it being tossed into a dumpster.

Leaving the Yard 10/08/2004

Shot from the St. Clair River in my boat while fishing... no luck that day... GP15T #1523 leaves the yard with cars in tow for the old PH&D Main. CSX now has its new yard on the former PH&D Line south of Davis Rd.

The Photo Below was a retouch with Paint Shop Pro... The cunductor was a bit mad due to the engineer forgetting the bait. Anyway, this was CSX's brief trial at the "Aqua Train."

PM Port Huron Yard

The PM was merged into the C&O Railroad in 1947, then in the 1980 CSX was the sole owner and operator of the yard. Its main use was switching C&O freight train cars to cross the St. Clair River by Pere Marquette 10 RR ferry. This ferry crossed to Sarnia, Ontario. Oversized railcars that did not fit through Grand Trunk Westerns Tunnel circa late 1880's went the ferry route. Both the PM and GTW had ferry operations at the "Boat Yard" as it was called. Here the massive PM counterweights for the ferry dock stand still and unused since the opening of the new CN St. Clair River Tunnel in 1995.

The Changing of Pere Marquette Railroad's Port Huron Yard

From Port Huron and Northwestern, to Pere Marquette, to C&O, then CSX, then to Acheson Ventures. Here are some selective shots of the days now past into the History of Port Huron, Michigan. This first shot was from June 2004looking south.