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15th Company, 6th Marine Regiment in Haiti 1915-1916.

The following images are part of the collection of Marine Sgt. John Ochsner that I have scanned and preserved. These were in a badly deteriorating album with many other era photos and postcards. Some photos of after battles were taken were in this album too. From what his daughter told me he was decorated for valor, though she could not remember the award and I have been unable to find any more information.

In that unit was well know Marine Corp Sgt. Dan Daly...
DALY, DANIEL JOSEPH(Second Award)Rank and organization: Gunnery Sergeant, U.S. Marine CorpsAccredited to: New YorkOther Navy awards: Second Medal of Honor, Navy Cross Citation: Serving with the 15th Company of Marines on 22 October 1915, G/Sgt. Daly was one of the company to leave Fort Liberte, Haiti, for a 6-day reconnaissance. After dark on the evening of 24 October, while crossing the river in a deep ravine, the detachment was suddenly fired upon from 3 sides by about 400 Cacos concealed in bushes about 100 yards …

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