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Mill Creek Hike in the Port Huron State Game Area

No high end cameras today on this short trek in the Port Huron State Game Area. This is the Mill Creek valley of the PHSGA. Photographing with only my phone and my daughter taking a few with it as well.
There were plenty of things to see and walking was a lot easier with the vegetation scoured from the floods with large amounts of ice to knock the pickers and thorns down. That will change by mid June when everything is growing again.

This tree hugger is hugging a very large sycamore tree. It was the tallest one around.

We built a little "fort" to come back and finish and have a picnic in another day. There is a nice fishing hole near by too. Notice in the photo above of all the grass laid down and debris on the ground from the flood. Water was about four feet above ground level where this fort was built. That's how all the logs were deposited up here.

In all it was about a 1.75 miles we hiked, not too far, but just right for little legs. I just wish the temperatures were…

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