Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Day at Huckleberry Railroad

Fall colors, steam locomotives, Halloween costumes, trains, Joe and the Nikon D 70 all come together for a great day for the family. The weather was being fairly coopertive for us with some sprinkles giving way to a sun hiding behind trees, steam and clouds when we left. In all it was a fun day and Joe loved his first train ride, especially behind a steam locomotive. No man made sound is more recognizable than the sound of the steam whistle in the distance.

These photos are all from today. The locomotive was from the Rio Grande Railroad out west in Colorado. Huck RR restored the loco to operational condition. Seeing, hearing, and watching these historic machines is amazing. I must say one should go and see one of these once in their lives, just to experience it in person. It is a mechanical symphony of man & steel in action that help build this nation from its infancy and keep us free.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NAS Cabaniss Field, November 1949

This is a photo of my father, Esn. Joe Meinhard and his fellow shipmates going through advanced training for carrier pilots. This is Just before the Korean War.
The bottom photo is of him in a PBY Catalina.

Wully Bear Catapillar

Don't know the official name, but that is what I learned to call them.

Uncle Lee's Creek

It is just a small tributary flowing into the Pere Marquette River, but it has a lot of life in it. The creek is filled with brook trout, cray fish and minnows. In the fall sometimes the salmon make it up into the creek. These photos are just two of the many critters that inhabit the wilderness there along the Pere Marquette River. The salmon was one of many spawing in the creek this year. I caught three this year so far, such a wonderful meal. The Wood Turtle was not on the dinner plate, but she too was in the creek, along with a leach under the shell above her neck.