Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008

Tonight, people are gathering and drinking; having a good ole time with their friends and relatives paying not much attention to anything, perhaps only the time and when to get another drink. All the while a few scattered volunteers stand watch here and there in distant places, most of which we can not imagine where or what it smells like. Some of the locations are close by while others are far away and in a land and culture that saw the birth of hatred which killed Americans by the thousands.

So here tonight I say goodbye to 2008. I thank the Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Coast Guard and the other agencies of uniform both seen and unseen that have kept us safe here at home in the U.S.A. Like many of them I stand watch tonight doing my duty so the rest of the public can party with out much thought of what they have or what they do. Tonight is just another day at work as it is for many in uniform whether civil service, military or other government worker; we are just doing our job tonight.

I say good bye to 2008 with vigor, for it seems it was a year of lows and highs, some of which I have welcomed greatly and some that were unwelcome just as much. I shall endeavor to persevere in what ever obstacles lay in front of me and with God's aid I hope that 2009 will be a might bit brighter. Thank you my family and friends for the journey of 2008. I hope that 2009 brings us better times, stronger faith and a greater appreciation for our freedoms. So with the winds at our back may the sails be full for 2009.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

To all my family and friends,

May you all have a Merry Christmas.

Safe travels to your family and friend's homes.

Merry shall your gatherings be and with cheer and good food shall you all dine.

Never foget our Troops near and far on this day and everyday protecting us.

May your hearts be warmed, for Christ was born today.

Dan Meinhard

The Hard Work of a Railroader

13 degrees was the temperature outside as my son and I ate our lunch after Christmas shopping. We stopped at the Port Huron Amtrak station to watch a train stopped in the St. Clair Tunnel, apparently under emergency. After watching the crews for a few minutes I realized the train had pulled apart from the locomotives due to a broken coupler or part of the coupler and or drawbar. The crew was climbing in and under the cars on the grade going into the tunnel. The snow was deep for we just had another storm of about 8 inches fresh on top of 10 inches already on the ground in most places.
A set of locomotives were cut off from the rest of the train and came back to the car in trouble. They chained the car to the coupler of the locomotive and my son and I watched them as they work to move that troublesome car from the train. Before we knew it the work was done and it was time to leave. We should all remember those who do this tough jobs out there on the rails. I sure know, I did some of that work before and I have a great apreciation for their work. Enjoy the photos.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hunting with Joe

On November 29th, I took Joe out to the woodland for his second taste of deer hunting in Michigan's cold November air. He did much better on this outing than the first. He was so comfortable sitting next to me on our rootball tree blind (a tree blew over and exposed its roots) he fell asleep for an hour. He was comfortable with the wool army blanket on him. We saw no deer, but he is learning everything I can teach him on hunting, nature and what God has entrusted us to preserve and take from the land as food and shelter.

When the sun finally set and the hunting time was over Joe and I walked back and met up with Mom on her way back from the hunt too. We all did not see any deer, but we all shared in something special. A beautiful sunset glowed with the crescant moon setting as well; God is nigh.