End of 2008

Tonight, people are gathering and drinking; having a good ole time with their friends and relatives paying not much attention to anything, perhaps only the time and when to get another drink. All the while a few scattered volunteers stand watch here and there in distant places, most of which we can not imagine where or what it smells like. Some of the locations are close by while others are far away and in a land and culture that saw the birth of hatred which killed Americans by the thousands.

So here tonight I say goodbye to 2008. I thank the Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Coast Guard and the other agencies of uniform both seen and unseen that have kept us safe here at home in the U.S.A. Like many of them I stand watch tonight doing my duty so the rest of the public can party with out much thought of what they have or what they do. Tonight is just another day at work as it is for many in uniform whether civil service, military or other government worker; we are just doing our job tonight.

I say good bye to 2008 with vigor, for it seems it was a year of lows and highs, some of which I have welcomed greatly and some that were unwelcome just as much. I shall endeavor to persevere in what ever obstacles lay in front of me and with God's aid I hope that 2009 will be a might bit brighter. Thank you my family and friends for the journey of 2008. I hope that 2009 brings us better times, stronger faith and a greater appreciation for our freedoms. So with the winds at our back may the sails be full for 2009.

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