Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Sucker for the Cat

Have you ever seen a cat eating a caramel coated sucker? Now you have. Aries seems to have a
sweet toooth that no other cat I have had in the past has. He better stay clear of my chocolate!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Day at Huckleberry Railroad

Fall colors, steam locomotives, Halloween costumes, trains, Joe and the Nikon D 70 all come together for a great day for the family. The weather was being fairly coopertive for us with some sprinkles giving way to a sun hiding behind trees, steam and clouds when we left. In all it was a fun day and Joe loved his first train ride, especially behind a steam locomotive. No man made sound is more recognizable than the sound of the steam whistle in the distance.

These photos are all from today. The locomotive was from the Rio Grande Railroad out west in Colorado. Huck RR restored the loco to operational condition. Seeing, hearing, and watching these historic machines is amazing. I must say one should go and see one of these once in their lives, just to experience it in person. It is a mechanical symphony of man & steel in action that help build this nation from its infancy and keep us free.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NAS Cabaniss Field, November 1949

This is a photo of my father, Esn. Joe Meinhard and his fellow shipmates going through advanced training for carrier pilots. This is Just before the Korean War.
The bottom photo is of him in a PBY Catalina.

Wully Bear Catapillar

Don't know the official name, but that is what I learned to call them.

Uncle Lee's Creek

It is just a small tributary flowing into the Pere Marquette River, but it has a lot of life in it. The creek is filled with brook trout, cray fish and minnows. In the fall sometimes the salmon make it up into the creek. These photos are just two of the many critters that inhabit the wilderness there along the Pere Marquette River. The salmon was one of many spawing in the creek this year. I caught three this year so far, such a wonderful meal. The Wood Turtle was not on the dinner plate, but she too was in the creek, along with a leach under the shell above her neck.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Visiting Winter

Thought I would refresh everyone's memory who visits the site with a photo of winter... just a few months away. Heck it has been snowing on Oct. 1 before!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Korean War Photos by Joseph A. Meinhard

These are some photos my father, Esn. Joseph A. Meinhard, took while attached with VS-23 on his Pacific Cruise in 1951. He shot many color slides from his point of view as an aviator of TBM-3E Avengers. He took many photos of crew, locations in Japan, Okinawa, and going through the Panama CanalHe also flew, F-4U Corsair, F6F Hellcats, & said a PBY or two. All these phtos were taken with a Nikon 35mm camera. Interesting thing that the assesories say "Made in Occupied Japan" on it. It is my goal to get these slides transferred to digital as soon as time allows.

Photo Top Left: Gunsite View of Mt. Fuji

Photo Top Right: Esn. J.A. Meinhard by Skyraider.

Photo Bottom Left: CVE USS Bairoko, the Escort Carrier he was assigned to in 1951.

Photo Bottom Right: His best friend, Jack Wink, taken over Norfolk, VA.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Trains in Carsonville, MI

Went to see a co-worker in Carsonville to get a sand blaster. For some reason, I decided to take the Ole Nikon 4500 out "just in case" I should see some Rail America action on the Huron & Eastern (former Pere Marquette RR) Bad Axe line. Sure enough, I caught a Central Oregon & Pacific Gp 38-2 towing some tank cars from the Pioneer Sugar Plant in Croswell, MI. It sure is far away from its home rails out west!


Just some photos of horses in the family. The little philly was just a day old when it was taken.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Moving is Hell

Stinging sweat in the eyes, broken finger nails, smashed fingers and toes, sore backs, head aches, mountains of boxes, dropped items, the "it doesn't fit there, now what do we do?", houses in a mess , showing in the house for sale, two year old going on three year old tantrums, 9 y/o with tantrums, heat, cold, stolen license plates, car trouble, work, rain, law mower dies, tractor dies, fixing everything, getting sick, head aches, sleepless nights, fixing, painting and of course doing everything else you did to make you busy before you decided to sell your house and move... Isn't life fun? Thank God I do not live in North Korea... I would need special papers to move to a different town. Now that makes it all look better!

Monday, May 22, 2006

One Last Look

This area of the "Train Room" has been disassembled and loaded for shipment to the new house. This is one last look at a variety of my models I have bought, built, painted, & decaled. Some have factory painting (the two on the far right), and others the work was done myself.

No more trains will run in the house and the boys will have to wait some time before construction will start on a new layout. I am definately having the moving blues!

Whisker & Aries

The Out House

Few places still have operational out houses, you know, some pine boards with a hole cut in it with the TP on the shelf next to that big spider nest. How about when you look up and notice about 50 white faced hornets looking down at you. So the next time you step into an old out house to use, just remember something else may be in there to.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tree Frog

Tree Frogs are cool. They stick to almost every surface in ever direction and can blend in so well with their surroundings. This frog was on my boat when I was cutting my grass. I moved him to a poplar tree for a safer loft.

Blue Racers Mating

Spring is here, and these two blue racers were foling around in the leaves. These two snakes were located somewhere in Oceana County, Michigan.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stress Relief

Nothing is more fun than a little fun with Paint Shop Pro and doing strange things to digital photos.

Holy Cow! What are you feeding the other twin?

Note, no tresspassing was done on railroad property to edit this photo. BE Safe... stay off the Tracks!

Friday, March 31, 2006

New Ties & Old Caboose

Here is a shot of the Caboose.

And another shot of it crossing Allen Rd. Port Huron Yard is just over 2 miles away down the line.

Here is the truck pulling the short consist of 4 gondolas and a caboose.

New Ties on the Old Grand Trunk Western

Funny thing it is to hear the sound of railroad ties falling to the ground. It is almost a musical kind of sound, sort of like the sound of dropping 2 x 4s or other larger pieces of wood. That is what got my attention today stepping down from my truck after spending the morning at the park with my son.

Today a CN hi-railer truck with four gondolas full of ties slowly crept down tracks on the Mt. Clemens Sub. by my house. I grabbed the Nikon and headed down the street. At the end of this unusual train was a GTW Caboose, # 79047. I have not seen a caboose go by the house is a long, long time so it was nice to incorperate a rarity of the railroads into my image collection.

Port Huron Township Engine 43

Engine 43 pulls up to a fire in Kimball Township off of Ashley Rd. The fire was in an old trailer and assorted junk pile. Nothing fancy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Haven, MI in the Morning

Another shot of New Haven. The Grand Trunk Western Depot is on the left, with the grain elevator on the right. The old telegraph pole made for the framing.

New Haven, MI in the Morning

A morning at the New Haven Depot and Elevator. No trains came by in my 40 minutes or so.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Before Sunrise

Fresh ice in February on Lake St. Clair. This photo was taken from Selfridge Air National Guard Base. At times like this I want to turn around and go home and head for the woods for a hike or hunt. D'oh! The responsibilities of work.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Grand Trunk Western # 4918

This old veteran is showing its age and Nature's weathering. This is a great photo for model information with the weathering and details. I have already one GP-38-2 on my roster, #4916. I think that someday 4918 might be a subject to paint and detail. Though the next one will be a Proto 2000 to Atlas HO Scale model.

Here GTW 4918 heads westbound from Port Huron Tunnel Yard at "Tappen." Tappen was the name of the interlocking plant and tower, now long gone of course. This is train # 500 which goes between Port Huron and Durand switching the industries on the Flint Subdivision and sometimes all the way to Battle Creek.

Long Live the GTW Blue.... get your shots now, for GT locos are going to the dead line quick.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Poker Bears

I ordered these Boyds Bears for my wife for a house warming gift. She in her curious nature wanted to know what was in the box coming in the mail when I told her not to open it. So, I ended up giving the bears for here early for Valentines Day to subside the anxiety.

I made the walls from Poplar and the beams from Balsa wood. The photos on the walls were scans and picures printed off the computer. The lamp is running off of a 6 VDC power supply and is one from my HO Scale layout supplies. "Hey, the pot is short!"

Anyway, she loves it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Fallen Flags

The Grand Trunk Western Blue locomotives are going fast into retirement.

Here is GTW 5937 bringing up the rear in the power department on CN train 384 heading north on the MT. Clemens Sub. The train is heading towards Port Huron, Michgan. The bridge is over the Pine River in Kimball Twp, MI.

Another shot of 5937, bringing up the rear again, on CN train # 385 crossing Smiths Creek Rd. at Smith Creek, MI. on the Mt. Clemens Sub. This photo was taken in the raw winter storm of 14 January 2004. This year, January has been like March or April... 52 degrees yesterday. Snow, what's that? So much for wabbit hunting!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

No Ice on Lake Huron

Can you believe that this is the middle of January 2006, and there is no ice on Lake Huron or in the St. Clair River floating down? Global Warming? Anyway, here the Merchant Ship Reserve heads out from under the Blue Water Bridge north into Lake Huron. Looks like a long shipping season this year with the ice not forming.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Amtrak's Bluewater at Port Huron, Mi

Amtrak's Bluewater shortly after its arrival. I got tired of waiting for the train, and went and shot the lights on the St. Clair River. Here is the The Bluewater idling looking west; the station is in the back ground, to the left of the train.

The other Photo is the Bluewater Bridge. Canada on the right, and the US on the left.


CN Police at Port Huron

It is 1020 p.m. and the CN Police car sits aside a car scanner using its lights to aid in searching the train for anything out side of the norm. The temperature is 25 degrees and the wind is blowing at 15 mph from the north. My fingers were numb waiting for trains to shoot on my Nikon D70, so I would tuck in and out of the truck to keep warm.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Third Place Award

This photo took 3rd place in the Selfridge ANGB 2005 Photo Contest. This was taken at the Steam Railroading Institute's Grand Opening. Slide 35mm film on a rather gloomy day. I shot both digital and film that day. It was tough light and high grey clouds most of the day. It rained all the way there, so at least that had stopped by the time I got there.

The Steam Railroading Institute operates this loco on excursions almost every year. It was the model loco for the movie Polar Express. They are locoated in Owosso, Mi.

Pere Marquette 1209

Pere Marquette Berkshire # 1209 waits for its next assignment on a bitter cold December evening in 1945. The Hostler has pulled it from the roundhouse and it sits on the loco ready track waiting for the crew to board. The night will be bright with the full moon already in the night sky.

The photo was taken on my now dismantled Pere Marquette Almont layout. Yes, this is a model and so is the building. The camera used was a Nikon D70. I merged two photos, one of the night skyline by my home. Edited with Paint Shop Pro.

PM #1209 was the actual loco number in the PM roster. I lettered and decaled it with that number to honor my Mom's birthday, December 9th, 1932 (1209). She is now 73 y/o and doing good; her mom, my g-ma, is 99 and doing well living with my mom.