Monday, May 22, 2006

One Last Look

This area of the "Train Room" has been disassembled and loaded for shipment to the new house. This is one last look at a variety of my models I have bought, built, painted, & decaled. Some have factory painting (the two on the far right), and others the work was done myself.

No more trains will run in the house and the boys will have to wait some time before construction will start on a new layout. I am definately having the moving blues!

Whisker & Aries

The Out House

Few places still have operational out houses, you know, some pine boards with a hole cut in it with the TP on the shelf next to that big spider nest. How about when you look up and notice about 50 white faced hornets looking down at you. So the next time you step into an old out house to use, just remember something else may be in there to.