Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sunset at East Emmett Side Switch

First I saw it crossing the grade protection coming out of GTW (CN) Tunnel Yard (Port Huron). I turned my truck, with my 2+ y/o son to go see and photograph the train at a open and good viewing grade crossing, 12 miles west. The race was on so I hit the interstate 69. I beat the train to the crossing, just as I connected my lens and fired up the Nikon D70. Too bad for me, I forgot to place it on the AF mode (I was shooting time laspe of the Northen Lights the night before). Anyway, I flipped the switch, and caught the CP freight slowing as it approached the eastbound CN freight in the siding. An occaisional large rain drop fell on my head and my son was happy to watch from inside the truck.

Sunset at East Emmett Siding Switch

After the passing of the CP westbound, CN 2680 led the 440 axle train east to Port Huron, MI out of the siding at Emmett, Mi.

Nikon D70 18-70mm lens