Friday, March 31, 2006

New Ties & Old Caboose

Here is a shot of the Caboose.

And another shot of it crossing Allen Rd. Port Huron Yard is just over 2 miles away down the line.

Here is the truck pulling the short consist of 4 gondolas and a caboose.

New Ties on the Old Grand Trunk Western

Funny thing it is to hear the sound of railroad ties falling to the ground. It is almost a musical kind of sound, sort of like the sound of dropping 2 x 4s or other larger pieces of wood. That is what got my attention today stepping down from my truck after spending the morning at the park with my son.

Today a CN hi-railer truck with four gondolas full of ties slowly crept down tracks on the Mt. Clemens Sub. by my house. I grabbed the Nikon and headed down the street. At the end of this unusual train was a GTW Caboose, # 79047. I have not seen a caboose go by the house is a long, long time so it was nice to incorperate a rarity of the railroads into my image collection.

Port Huron Township Engine 43

Engine 43 pulls up to a fire in Kimball Township off of Ashley Rd. The fire was in an old trailer and assorted junk pile. Nothing fancy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Haven, MI in the Morning

Another shot of New Haven. The Grand Trunk Western Depot is on the left, with the grain elevator on the right. The old telegraph pole made for the framing.

New Haven, MI in the Morning

A morning at the New Haven Depot and Elevator. No trains came by in my 40 minutes or so.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Before Sunrise

Fresh ice in February on Lake St. Clair. This photo was taken from Selfridge Air National Guard Base. At times like this I want to turn around and go home and head for the woods for a hike or hunt. D'oh! The responsibilities of work.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Grand Trunk Western # 4918

This old veteran is showing its age and Nature's weathering. This is a great photo for model information with the weathering and details. I have already one GP-38-2 on my roster, #4916. I think that someday 4918 might be a subject to paint and detail. Though the next one will be a Proto 2000 to Atlas HO Scale model.

Here GTW 4918 heads westbound from Port Huron Tunnel Yard at "Tappen." Tappen was the name of the interlocking plant and tower, now long gone of course. This is train # 500 which goes between Port Huron and Durand switching the industries on the Flint Subdivision and sometimes all the way to Battle Creek.

Long Live the GTW Blue.... get your shots now, for GT locos are going to the dead line quick.