Sunday, June 19, 2011

Baltimore Visited

 The International Association of Fire Chief's (IAFC) Hazmat Conference was held last May in Baltimore, MD. I attended the conference for a second time, the first time for me to stay in Baltimore. I am not a big city fan (never will be), but must say Detroit is doing it all wrong!  What a waste of a wonderful waterfront in Detroit. Baltimore was clean, safe, and thriving along the waterfront and many blocks inside in all directions from. I'd say that Baltimore's waterfront should be a goal for Detroit, but what do I know... I'm just a firefighter and photographer and not into urban planning. I'd rather watch the wheat blow in the wind, then fight the potholes, traffic, and mess in and around Detroit to see something there. But if... big if... the D was ever to try and do something with their waterfront, look to Baltimore as an example.

The restaurant below my window had some good food and OK prices... almost every meal in town was no-less than $15.00 and up. The Sheridan Hotel was not the best but made for an OK stay for 5 nights.

Army Golden Knights

It has been a busy couple of months... so for June here are a few images. Army Golden Knights parachute team came in for a VIP jump at Selfridge for something to do with Michigan International Speedway. MIS was there jumping with them as well as some local politicians. All landed safely while we were there.

Special thanks to Mark for letting me borrow some "glass" (Nikon 18-105mm lens) to try on these shots. Nice FOV and image quality.