Pere Marquette 1209

Pere Marquette Berkshire # 1209 waits for its next assignment on a bitter cold December evening in 1945. The Hostler has pulled it from the roundhouse and it sits on the loco ready track waiting for the crew to board. The night will be bright with the full moon already in the night sky.

The photo was taken on my now dismantled Pere Marquette Almont layout. Yes, this is a model and so is the building. The camera used was a Nikon D70. I merged two photos, one of the night skyline by my home. Edited with Paint Shop Pro.

PM #1209 was the actual loco number in the PM roster. I lettered and decaled it with that number to honor my Mom's birthday, December 9th, 1932 (1209). She is now 73 y/o and doing good; her mom, my g-ma, is 99 and doing well living with my mom.
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