Amtrak International- a Revisit of Images

Amtrak's train, The International, was canceled from service and replaced with the Blue Water in April of 2004. The International suffered from US and Canadian Customs delays and freight traffic though the St. Clair River Tunnel. On April 23, 2004 the last train departed from Port Huron. Here are a few selected images from film and digital of The International that I took over the years.
The International speeding west of Goodells, MI in Sept. 2000.
A cold January morning and snow greet The International as it comes up out of the St. Clair River Tunnel.
The Amtrak station at Port Huron, Mi.
Just a few riders on this damp morning.
A wet trip to Chicago ahead.
Some front end damage, a car train collision perhaps?
Cold and Snow.
A CN freight train derailment detours the International on the GTW Mt. Clemens Subdivision, a very rare sight indeed!
Another tunnel punch into the snow on the American side.

The International is long gone, but the Blue Water has seen better ridership with a 6 am departure from Port Huron and 12 pm arrival in Chicago (+ / - delays). Round trip fares are around $70, far cheaper than the $200 dollars from Flint International Airport!
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