Fallen Little Angels

The deaths of the innocent at Newtown, CT saddens me. I pray for those families who have suffered at the hand of an EVIL person. I can think of nothing more horrific than going to a school and not knowing if your son or daughter is alive. I cannot imagine going back into that empty classroom to remove drawings that one of the children drew to give to their parents. Sad. God Bless the families and comfort them.

I am angered at the media and the politicians quick to blame guns on this matter and that the legal and law abiding citizens of this country who own guns are part of the problem. I am angered at the interviews of these kids, without their parents there, asking about what had happened. Leave them alone, don't draw them into this, they should not be used for political propaganda or ratings. Report the news with out their commentary and exploitation.

In these killings an evil person broke the law. They stole guns, they entered a gun free zone and then committed a horrific crime. No amount of laws can stop evil. Evil people do not care about laws. They'll use what ever means to kill; a knife, gun, car, bomb... what ever they can find they'll use to serve their purpose.

In 1927 38 children died and over 50 were injured when a school employee blew up a school in Bath, MI. Not all the dynamite went off, otherwise the death toll would have been more. This was the work of an evil person. He did not care about doing good, just carrying out an evil plan.

In 2010 over 20 children were killed in China by stabbing, where public ownership of guns are banned. On the same day of this massacre in Newtown, 22 children were stabbed in a school in China by a madman.

Every day in America, another 27 people die as a result of drunk driving crashes. Driving drunk is illegal. In 2010 there were 10,228 deaths as a result of drunk drivers. OK, lets ban all automobiles because that is what is causing the killings.

Chicago had 36 homicides in the November 2012, ten were teenagers. No national outcry.

From July 1 through Nov. 6, 2011, there were a total of 3,313 homicides in Detroit, more than the combined deaths of US troops on the war on terror in Afghanistan for that time frame... what did we see and hear on TV... the war death count day after day in the media, nothing about the outcry of the deaths in the inner city of Detroit, just a once grand city in decline.

Sept. 2012 Detroit, had 32 murders in 15 days... 39 total for the month. According to Detroit Police's records, 32 of them were unidentified... no one came to claim or ID the bodies.

I have seen shootings first hand. I have seen the damage both physical and emotional to families. What is more sad is how the Media and Politicians choose to ignore events of the inner city that have killed thousands. Chicago has some of the most strict hand gun laws in this country, but that only restricts the lawful owners of guns. Evil people, those who don't care about laws, will get the guns. It seems that the Media and Politicians are comfortable about the deaths there, it seems to be an acceptable loss, yet a rural town, a small town (mainly white) has shook the gun control tree once again and another "outrage" is at hand.

I have been outraged for a long time at this double standard. I am not mad about the use of guns in a majority of these crimes because I know it is not the fault of the of the gun, it is the fault of the person who committed evil. I own guns. I shoot guns. I have been prevented from being robbed at knife point by a gun. I hunt and provide food for my family with guns and at no time did they kill anything all by them selves. It took my judgement to move, position the gun safely, and then my hands to hold and squeeze a trigger to make the gun fire in a safe direction. My judgement was sound, safe, and I intended to shoot what I aimed at. It was not a person in cold blood or some heartless crime of some unfathomable reason.

Our free nation is only so because the rights of the people to keep arms. With out that right, with out that protection, we'd be a nation ruled under more tyranny than what we have now. With out that protection of guns, only criminals would have them and law abiding citizens would be at their mercy; police cannot be everywhere, a pistol almost can. Don't blame that gun for the massacre, it was the work of an evil person. Evil will find a way into every situation that a law says a sane person shouldn't do something. Only God knows why these things happen. God comfort the families who lost their children to evil, in every place, town, and village.

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