I was out on errands looking for a pressure washer to buy (it broke after less than a minute of operation... go figure) and decided to take some photos of an area of Port Huron I have not ventured into. The area is part of the complex of buildings around the Black River and Dortmar Paper Co. The building on the right is an old Chickory factory as the missing letters on the brick indicated. I took a few shots, and want to come back for another day with different sky colors.

Here is the end of the line... or the spur rather. No signs of any rail cars here for a long time.

 Our next stop was with the little girl at the Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Historical Society property. She saw her first train today. She did not like the sound of the squealing wheels on the rail. Other than that she seem to like it. The logo below is one of four I have designed for the  PH&D RR HS. It is up to the board members to pick one.
With a less busy schedule next month, I hope to get out more  with the camera... time to get some new glass... 85 or 105mm? Thinking about it.
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