Work Shots

Dreary weather has kept much of my photography limited this spring. Finally, we had some decent weather for a few hours a day over a two week time and I was able to get a few shots in.

 A-10s breaking off for landing.
 A-10s on the taxiway heading to park.
 View of in the cab of Engine 3. The mirrors are big blind spots in the field of view.
 Engine 3 and Tender 15 with personnel doing drafting training.

 Tender 15 is dumping into the drop tank. Engine 3 has the hard suction hose in the drop tank going into the 6" steamer connection to the pump. A vacuum pump (priming pump) is used to lower the atmospheric pressure inside the pump and draw the water up the hard suction hose into the pump itself. This completes the priming of the pump and allows the water from the drop tank into the pump to use for firefighting purposes.
 Anyone want to swim?
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