The Spring Winter

It's almost April and I have had snow on the ground at the house since the 1st week in January! New Years weekend was the last time we had no snow on the ground anywhere at our home. Currently 6 to 8" cover our grass, deck, and other areas of the yard. Our snow fence stands shredded in areas, a testimony to the brutal winter thus far. What has Spring bought us? Snow, thunder snow, and some freezing rain. I certainly hope the warmer spring weather come soon!

Should be grass here right?
 Wasn't there deer out there in the rye field eating greens two days ago?
The sun has set due west, so I know it's Spring!
The ice is in the rut; plowing was dreadful this day!
No wonder the song birds are not around yet!
 Surely the railroaders want Spring too!


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