Two Hours of Railroad Photography

After filling the wife's car with fuel, I heard the blast of a horn to the east of the filling station... A Grand Trunk Western (GTW) paper mill run was in progress! Bright sun, blue skies, and hopefully a GTW Blue loco...

So much for a GTW Blue loco, CN got to this one!

My first shot was this one with the crew member riding the car north to Dunn Paper.

The use of a polarized filter is a must to get these colors!

I know, if the loco was centered under both flags... if I 
went anymore to the right I would be in the ice and water!

This shot is my wallpaper!

Kids, mom, and a train.

I like the low angle shots like this.

Throttle up!

The last shot at Dunn Paper.

Dortmar Paper across the Black River.

What changed?

The Port Huron and Detroit Railroad roundhouse.

The Port Huron and Detroit Railroad offices, now the PH&D RR Historical Society.

May last shot of the two hour tour of railroad photography around Port Huron
was at the Griswold Rd. crossing as a CN freight backs into the yard.

It was a great day to get out and finally get some photography of trains. I can't wait for my next installment!

Dan Meinhard
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