Planes, Trains, and Ships in the Snow

A day off work with a few errands to run allowed me to go and do some photography on a grey day with light snow falling.First stop was the Desmond Landing at the Maritime Center (Port Huron, MI). They have the best apple fritters there! Due to the ice jams in Algonac, the freighters were stuck in the ice and no traffic was going upbound or down the river so I did not stay long. The Algosea was tied up at the Bean Dock so I took some shots of it, some of the ducks in the water, and the Canadian National train pulling a string of cars across the St. Clair River in Sarnia.

The Algosea (a tanker) at the Bean Dock.

A CN train pulling cars around a siding along the Sarnia waterfront.

After my shots along the river, I proceeded south, then west to the PH&D roundhouse to see if CSX trains had been out working yet.... nothing there so I went to the Davis Rd. to view the north end of CSX's newer St. Clair Yard. A remote train was switching cars out of the north end of the yard. The engineer was controlling it with the Beltpack, a remote radio controlled unit, that allows the train crew to control the locomotives from the ground. Pretty neat.

Note the snow freshly blown out of the switch points. The track crew was using a leaf blower for that.

After the fun days off a cold night at work allowed for a shot of this A-10 while we were doing night training on it. Egress training at night is a bit different due to the low light conditions and trying to find small switches in the dark.

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