FW: Port Huron & Detroit Railroad

In a rush (sort of) to get some images together for submission to a photo contest, I stopped by the Port Huron and Detroit Railroad Historical Society offices in the old PH&D wye. The weather was nasty, cold, wet, and very windy. It made for some really difficult shot with wind blown rain, cold fingers, and some camera shake (monopod was used, but still got a little movement). With some work in the plans with the PH&DRHS I felt the need to visit the old office / roundhouse grounds and take some current shots. Both buildings need work. The PH&DRHS owns the old offices, but CSX Transportation owns the old roundhouse. The RH is in the worst shape. Like many organizations with intentions of restoration of a building, locomotive, or even a ship, there is a lot of work ahead. I look forward to becoming a member this weekend.



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