Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms may be rings, furniture, dishes, or even artwork. The following drawings were done by my Dad from 1943 to 1949. These our some of are family heirlooms from Dad.

This is a drawing of my Uncle Paul Meinhard on Iwo Jima. I have never met him and he died in the early 1980s. My Uncle Paul is pictured on the right (I believe). His own comments are in the image (drawing) below, written on the back of Dad's drawing of him. Dad's drawing was done from a photo of this image. Photo to come soon.

The description by my Uncle on the drawing with him in it on Iwo. This was written at a later date, but drawn by my Dad in 1945 during WWII.

This drawing done by Dad is simply called "Fatigue." This has always been a favorite image of mine. It is quite haunting in its look.

TBM Avenger

A P-38 Lightning pulls out of an attack on a Japanese Zero.

Hellcats giving "hell" to a Japanese Destroyer.

The F6F Hellcat

The F6F on deck of a carrier.

The drawings here represent my Father's artistic nature. He also painted, did engineering designs, and sketched and drew in pen and in as well. Let us not forget his wonderful photography. These drawings were done during WWII while he was in high school and also while he was in training to become a Navy aviator on the eve of the Korean War. These are not meant to imply any distaste to any Japanese people, but a look at a creative artist during a historic time of our country.

My Aunt Grace said my Dad was never encourage by my Grandfather on his art. His artistic skills were looked upon as wasted effort. We are fortunate to have these wonderful creations in our family of an excellent artist and a man who we called our Dad.


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