Western Trains- Sheridan, WY

On our return trip to Michigan we spent the night in Sheridan, WY. We departed later than expected due to doing laundry and waiting for clothes to dry. On our way north out of town (going to Montana and the Little Big Horn Battlefield), I stopped by the depot and caught a train there. I was on the wrong side to photograph better due to the sun being in the late morning setting and a train coming northbound shooting to the south east. The trains were both long and had lots of hoppers for coal traffic.

Two Powder River Basin (PRB) coal trains meet in Sheridan, WY. Here a north bound train meets with a south bound empty train. Both trains had helper units on the rear.

The north bound train (left) slows and stops with its three locomotive on the rear pushing it up and out of the PRB.

The south bound empty coal train gets the green signal to proceed to the many mines in the PRB coal field.

A friendly wave to Joe and I from the engineer.

South bound for the PRB mines where it will be loaded again.

The north bound train waits for its signal.

The rear pusher units are crewed here and will aid in its ascent out of the basin.

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