We will miss you Whisker

Whisker & Aries

Today we have lost a beloved member of our family. After almost two weeks of fighting a feline anemia, we had to euthanize Whisker today after he has rapidly deteriorated over the last few days.

We were cautiously optimistic on Monday when he apparently had a "good day." He snuck downstairs and laid in the sun with Aries (his tabby buddy), and Kristie (my mother-in-laws cat). He later went and laid in the basement on the couch with Aries.

Today, he was suffering some discomfort that was not present in the last two weeks of the illness. Instead of seeing him suffer we have decided to put him to sleep. He was the best cat I have ever had. No other cat I have had played hide and seek, fetched, or accompanied me through the house like he did. He will be missed by all the family members.

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