Thank You Mike Cox

I would like to thank Atty. Gen. Mike Cox and his department for helping us fight for our rights as a consumer under the protection of the Michigan Lemon Law. Saturn decided to refund us almost all of the money and buy back the 2008 Saturn Vue.

Saturn Customer Service overall would get a very poor rating and it is sad they did not do the right thing from the beginning. Saturn / GM, thanks for finally coming around to do what should have happened a while ago.

After all this we went back to Chrysler / Dodge family products and we are happy so far.

As far as the Saturn dealership, they have done a fine job at customer service overall, too bad they do not sell Dodge or Chrysler products.

Total days in the shop for our 2008 Saturn Vue... 48 @ 9300 miles ~.
My Dodge Ram P/U 1 day in the shop @ 73000 miles.
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