2008 Saturn Vue Still in the Shop day 36

Today marks the 36th day of our new 2008 Saturn Vue in the Shop. This is the 12th day since we dropped if off for transmission problems and they decided to look at the door locks too. Well for 12 days now it sits awaiting the parts to fix the locking problem... The doors will lock all by them selves when you are out of the car with it running, in park or with it shut off (pumping gas, etc.) in park and you are out side... the keys are in the ignition of course!

This is just part of the frustration that we have experienced and I would dare say I do not want to buy or own another Saturn product again.

That is too bad because the dealership has been great to us, but lately we see the frustration with the car and us indirectly.

Basically, the Saturn Vue looks nice, has nice features that the wife and I like, but overall this 2008 Saturn Vue sucks! I don't know what happened to this vehicle, or if some disgruntled employee put some voodoo magic on it, but it has problems that are unacceptable for a new vehicle to have.

146 days owned, 36 Days in the shop = 2008 Saturn Vue Lemon

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